We will first discuss goals and areas of conflict in your home, life, and family. We will prioritize the most important items, and I'll make suggestions on design, layout, decor and color where needed. I often find that most clients do not need to purchase a lot of new items to improve their space. Everything you need is usually there, it's just in the wrong place!

Meet the Designer

I want your consultation to feel like having your best friend over for coffee. Only your best friend can make your space feel incredibly amazing with a renewed sense of purpose.


Jessica Miller

Designer & Fengshui Consultant

Jessica combines years of experience in design and emotional connection with her passion for creating the perfect place to call home. Along with international design awards, the work she has done for top global companies can be seen in homes in Europe, hands in China and roads of the United States. Jessica works to harmonize the subtle balance in the home with goals and desires you hold for your life.

Photo by Natasha Komoda

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