In Home Consultation

Our spaces are a direct reflection of who we are and who we want to be. Often a subtle shift in our environment is all we need to get us on the right track.

Online Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss goals and areas of conflict in your home, life, and family. We will work to bring balance to your home, supporting positive change in your life.

Space Clearing

Have you ever wanted to hit the reset button? A space clearing can do just that, for your home.  A space clearing is best done before moving into your new home but can be done at any time to reset the space.


What's out of balance?

A feng shui consultation will bring the balance to your home, supporting positive change in your life. My clients report that life just gets a little bit easier once their home 'feels right'. Some have reported that job opportunities come their way, relationships improved, or they finally became motivated to achieve their goals.

Fengshui for real estate

You have the perfect variables: a motivated seller, the price is right, and buyers are interested. For some reason you just can't close the deal. We can work to remedy the energetic issues for the home staying on the market.


Next Steps...

Please contact us with any questions before booking your consultation.